Hillary Clinton’s Hair Stylist Creates Hottest Styles For Inaugural Balls

WUSA9 - By: WUSA9 Web Staff - December 18th, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) — Inauguration Day is just one month away, which means it’s never too early to start thinking about how you’re going to wear your hair at all those Inaugural Balls.

Watch the above video to see as Hillary Clinton’s hairstylist for the last fifteen years, Isabelle Goetz of Isabelle’s Okyo Salon in Georgetown, creates this year’s hottest styles for the Inaugural Balls.

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Hillary Clinton Hair Exclusive at Okyo Salon in Georgetown

The Chic Incumbent - By: The Chic Incumbent - November 30, 2012

We the chic remain unapologetic for being thoroughly informed on political issues while looking our best. There have been several editorial pieces released within the past year regarding the public’s fascination with style over substance in the politics. Whether we like to admit it or not, the concept of image (i.e. “The Halo Effect”) is an important ingredient to the success of any leader. Some have criticized this fascination, but why should we as women sacrifice our sense of pride in well-groomed hair, stylish closets, and the perfect lip gloss? Would our constituents prefer a buzzed mullet with a 1980’s perm complete with an oversized shoulder padded blazer? I highly doubt it….because in the end style matters.

Secretary Hillary Clinton has experienced her fair share of ups and downs in the hair department.  Over time she has evolved from a short bob in the 90’s, to the infamous “scrunchie-gate” pony-tails, and now to the look we LOVE: medium-length impeccably highlighted tresses that exude LEADERSHIP and STYLE.

Celebrity Hair Stylist Isabelle Goetz of Isabelle’s Okyo salon in Georgetown is the talented woman behind Hillary’s iconic hairstyles. From Queen Rania of Jordan to Senator John Kerry, Goetz has molded the locks of prominent political figures around the world. Luckily, we were able to get Isabelle’s go-to Kérastase product picks that transform Secretary Clinton’s FLAWLESS hair into a MANE event:

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Salon After Hours!

Bisnow - By: Alfredo Flores and Stephen Ball - November 27, 2012

To wrap up a week of family, food, and shopping, we went to Art Soiree’s Inaugural Chic from Hillary’s stylist for Salon After Hours at G’town’s Isabelle’s Okyo Salon. Its owner Isabelle Goetz is flanked by Art Soiree’s Tatiana Pastukhova and Sandro Kereselidze. There were timeless French styles from Marie Antoinette, Coco Chanel, and Bridget Bardot. We snapped models Alexandra Lancaster, Lena Galperina, Rachel Nicole Cunico, Asta Liu, Karen Edwin and Jacqueline Lagoy.

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Trendsetting Transplants…

The Washington Diplomat - By: Stephanie Kanowitz - August 31, 2012

Trendsetting Transplants Help Washingtonians Put Best Face Forward

Isabelle Goetz

owner of Isabelle’s Okyo Salon

A native of Belfort, France, near the German border, Isabelle Goetz began cutting hair professionally at age 15. Today, the 41-year-old counts Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer and Queen Rania of Jordan among her regular clients.

“I think the important part of business is to be professional,” Goetz said of landing — and keeping — such a roster. “Get to work early. They cannot worry about you being late.”

She came to Washington when she was 21 through a program with AIPT-CDS, known today as Cultural Vistas, an international exchange program that she found out about while working at the Paris Hair Show.

“I really thought I would live here for 18 months, but it was so successful for me and I love travel,” said Goetz, who worked for 17 years at a salon on 18th Street between L and M before buying Okyo two years ago. “I would just close my eyes and put my finger on a map and then say, ‘OK, New Orleans is good.’ My mission was to see everything here. Work was so good to me and America really was very welcoming and embracing my talent, so 18 months later, I couldn’t leave yet.”

One of her favorite differences between French and American clients is the faith the latter puts in her. “American clients just sit down and trust you,” said Goetz, who oversees a staff of 15. “In France, people may be a little more picky. They come with their idea here, but they let you apply what you want.”

Despite her love of America, Europe remains her muse. “I still go back to Europe to get inspired,” Goetz said. “You can quickly lose the touch. I usually go to Europe every year because I need that inspiration and then I apply it here. The Americans are thirsty for our talents.”


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Woman of the World

Vanity Fair - By: Jonathan Alter - June 2011

In her ninth year as America’s most admired woman, Hillary Clinton is dealing with radical change across the globe, as well as trying to transform U.S. diplomacy on the nuts-and-coffee level. But despite the secretary of state’s punishing pace—half a million miles in her Boeing 757—and the complex relationship between her and President Obama, Clinton seems clear about what she can (and can’t) accomplish, and, as Jonathan Alter reports, her friends are clear about something else: Madam Secretary is in her element.

It was four a.m. when Hillary Clinton’s plane touched down at Andrews Air Force Base, and by midmorning she was in the Oval Office conferring with President Obama. The night before, as her plane was en route from Tunis, they had agreed that the vote of the United Nations Security Council to impose a no-fly zone on Libya meant that it was now decision time on launching a third American war in the Middle East, though no one in the U.S. government dared call it that. Muammar Qaddafi was ramping up his genocidal threats, pledging to…{read more below}

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The Clinton Coiffure

WWD - By: Susan Watters - July 28, 2010

As Democratic darlings and Hollywood celebrities primp, preen and puff in anticipation of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday, one guest knows exactly what’s expected of her. For Isabelle Goetz, the 39-year-old French hairstylist who just bought Georgetown salon Okyo, the two-day celebration is all about making sure MOTB Hillary Rodham Clinton looks great.

“I have an idea in my mind,” Goetz says of Clinton’s hairdo for the day, adding there’s no way she will divulge the details just yet — not even to the Secretary of State herself. “No, no, no. It’s too soon now. We live day by day. Whatever it is, it will be at the spur of the moment.”

Goetz, Washington’s leading celebrity stylist who also tends the tresses of the likes of Sen. John Kerry and Queen Rania of Jordan when she’s in town, moved into her new salon June 1 and commutes from suburban Virginia on a navy blue Vespa LX. First thing most mornings, it’s parked outside Clinton’s house since one of her main claims to fame has been taking Hillary’s hair out of the headlines.

“Somehow with Isabelle, Hillary’s hair is a nonissue. She found a look that works with her where you don’t focus on…{read more below}

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Isabelle’s OKYO Salon SPA Services

- By: Isabelle's OKYO - August 17, 2010

Isabelle’s OKYO Salon announces the addition of SPA Services by Catherine Dubois.

L’eSPAce offers elite services to all OKYO clients. Renowned aesthetician Catherine Dubois now allows you to perfect you nails, eyebrows, lashes in a unique and soothing environment. Washington’s power brokers have access to the latest beauty care and treatments all at one fabulous location.

One of Washington’s most celebrated aestheticians, Catherine Dubois now offers her signature L’eSPAce Catherine services at Isabelle’s Okyo Salon. With skills honed through years of experience in Paris and the United States, Catherine helps her clients – including well-known journalists, Cabinet members and senior executives — look and feel their best. Catherine’s manicures and pedicures are known throughout the city. In the capable hands of L’eSPAce Catherine, clients also receive facials, massage, hair removal, lash tinting, make-up and expert beauty advice. Catherine is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

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D.C. Confidential: The Woman Behind Hillary’s Hair

Vogue Daily - By: Christina Ha - July 30, 2010

When I rang up French-born hairstylist Isabelle Goetz on her cell phone yesterday, the poor reception made her sound as if she were talking through a kazoo. “I’m in the country!” she chirped. “I’ll move closer to the window. Can you hear me now?” When pressed for more details on her exact whereabouts, she claimed her lips were sealed—but, with a little gentle prodding, confirmed that she was indeed in upstate New York (Rhinebeck) to style her longtime client, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the mother of this summer’s most famous bride. Goetz was respectfully mum on all further wedding details (“I am mainly here for Hillary and close family” was all I could pry loose), but one project she was willing to talk about was Okyo, the Georgetown salon she recently acquired and reopened this summer. While plans are being made for a new name and even decor (“to feel more like home”), the girl from Belfort, France, is happy…{read more below}

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When Isabelle Goetz was still a child in France, the salon that now bears her name was already a Washington institution. For more than four decades, the M Street address has housed salons of distinction where the city’s most sought-after stylists serve its most fashionable citizens. Today at Isabelle’s Okyo Salon, Isabelle honors that tradition as she reinvents it, with the energy and artistry that are her trademarks.

Raised in the town of Belfort... {read more}


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